Outpatient Knee Replacement

Dr. Nitin Goyal is proud to provide patients with outpatient knee replacement surgery in his Washington, DC office. This is possible only through his years of dedication and refinement of advanced techniques to promote rapid recovery with minimal downtime.

If one scans Dr. Goyal’s credentials and career history, it’s easy to see how he has developed treatment that provides the shortest possible recovery period while remaining highly effective. From the moment he received his medical degree, he became deeply focused on orthopaedic care. Specifically, he focused on the hip and knee. This kind of dedication is necessary to provide care of the highest caliber, especially in complex joints.

While Dr. Goyal’s knee replacement techniques use the same high quality prosthetic components of standard total knee replacement, it is administered with a unique method. He accesses the knee with a small incision of only 4 inches in length. Further, he is able to reach the arthritic bone without severing any muscles or ligaments. This prevents the patient from enduring the lengthy recovery process involved in healing muscles and ligaments. Directly following knee surgery in his office in North Virginia, these muscles can operate at full capacity, allowing patients mobility on the same day as their surgery.

Following surgery, the joy his patients experience is unmatched. In most cases, they are able to do a lap around the hospital, and even go up and down a set of stairs. When compared to the healing process typically associated with knee replacement surgery, this result is incomparable.

Because most patients can walk the same day as their surgery, the rate at which they can return to more strenuous physical activities is greatly accelerated. Within months, most patients are operating at full physical capacity.

Washington DC knee specialist Dr. Goyal is a surgeon who understands that patients do not want to be slowed down by the burden of a knee replacement. For this reason, he provides the most effective outpatient knee replacement Washington, DC and North Virginia have available. In fact, he was the first orthopaedic surgeon in the Washington, DC area to provide patients with outpatient joint replacement surgery. Dr. Goyal is constantly developing his technique to better serve patients who need knee replacement surgery. Call us today at our North Virginia office, and find out how Dr. Goyal can help you remain in peak physical condition.

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