Knee Treatment

As the largest joint in the human body, the knee is a critical component of physical mobility. While its complex anatomy provides immense strength, it is prone to degradation and damage over time. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and a number of other conditions can affect the articular cartilage, which is responsible for the knee's smooth ability to flex and bend. If this cartilage becomes damaged enough, it may need to be removed, necessitating treatment. Dr. Nitin Goyal, MD, is an orthopaedic surgeon in Washington, DC who is fluent in techniques to relieve knee pain. If you are suffering from an orthopaedic condition of the knee and are looking for treatment around the North Virginia area, learn more to find out what Dr. Goyal can do for you.

Knee Treatment Options

Total Knee Replacement

As the godfather of knee surgery, total knee replacement is an effective option that lasts for decades.

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Partial Knee Replacement

Providing a natural feel with the same lasting results, partial knee replacement could be the perfect fit.

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Knee Replacement Revision

Dr. Goyal has the skills necessary to clean up a previous knee replacement that needs a little work.

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Nonsurgical Alternatives

For milder cases, a more conservative approach may be just the thing to delay the need for surgery.

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Outpatient Knee Replacement

It may sound unbelievable, but Dr. Goyal’s patients walk the same day as their surgery.

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Anatomy of the Knee

Take a minute to learn more about the anatomy of the knee and see its many functions which help with our day to day living.

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