Outpatient Hip Replacement

Dr. Nitin Goyal is proud to provide patients with outpatient hip replacement surgery in Northern Virginia. This is possible only through his years of dedication and refinement of advanced techniques to promote rapid recovery with minimally invasive incisions.

Dr. Goyal’s outpatient hip replacement is possible through the anterior approach to hip replacement. Also called the tissue-sparing approach, anterior hip replacement accesses the hip joint from the front, or anterior, portion of the thigh. With this approach, Dr. Goyal severs much less muscle and tissue than the posterior approach. This greatly reduces the amount of physical healing needed before the joint is again active, allowing most patients to actually leave the hospital on the same day as their surgery.

“My wife had her hip replacement done at 8AM and walked out of the hospital at 2PM. She literally walked up our steps when we got home. I couldn't believe it.”

Patient Testimonial
Dr. Goyal in Inova Mount Vernon Hospital's INhealth Magazine

Dr. Goyal in INhealth Magazine

Dr. Nitin Goyal was recently featured in Inova Mount Vernon Hospital's INhealth magazine. He discussed the minimally invasive anterior hip replacement procedure.

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An anterior hip replacement is very similar to a posterior approach—the primary difference is the angle from which the hip joint is accessed. By accessing the hip joint from the front of the thigh, the structure of the muscles allows Dr. Goyal to simply spread them apart instead of severing them. The entire surgery can be done without cutting through a single muscle.

Because no muscles are harmed during anterior hip replacement, they don’t lose any of their strength following surgery. This also contributes greatly to the decreased recovery period.

Following surgery, the process is best described by one of our happy patients:

“Dr. Goyal saw me at 2:00 pm after my surgery. He said I looked good and would meet with the physical therapist. If I could complete all the tasks she required, there could be the possibility of going home the same day. The physical therapist came and I was able to get up and do one lap around the nurse's station. This was within hours after my surgery.

“I had an excellent doctor, excellent hospital staff and excellent physical therapy experience. Once I was home, the visiting nurse and physical therapist have been great as well. I have my follow-up appointment with Dr. Goyal next week. I am just sorry that I waited so long to have the procedure done.”

For patients looking for outstanding results with hip replacement, Dr. Goyal delivers on all fronts in his Northern Virginia office. He not only delivers consistent results with lasting success, he delivers results that are rapid, allowing most patients to go home the same day as their surgery and for these reasons his patients often call him the top orthopedic surgeon Washington DC and Northern Virginia have available. If you are in need of hip replacement surgery, please call our office to set an appointment.

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