Hip Replacement Revision

With over 400,000 hip and knee replacements being performed in the US annually, joint replacement surgery is one of the greatest medical advances we’ve ever seen. While the techniques are still being perfected, there are a percentage of implants that do fail. When this occurs, a second procedure is required to correct or revise the first surgery. Revision surgery is designed to remove the original implant and replace it with a new component, thereby correcting any complications that have occurred.

Hip replacement revision is a complex procedure that requires specialized implants, comprehensive preoperative planning, and an orthopaedic surgeon who is a specialist in joint replacement. Dr. Goyal has a record of excellence in complex joint replacement, making him one of the most qualified orthopaedic surgeons to deliver your hip replacement revision in his Washington, DC office.

Do I need a hip replacement revision?

Because hip replacement revision is a comprehensive undertaking, Northern Virginia hip surgeon Dr. Goyal will be very thorough in his analysis prior to deciding if it is necessary. Factors included in his decision are:

  • If the joint is swollen due to infection, wear, or implant loosening
  • If the function of the implant has declined, resulting in hip stiffness or instability
  • If x-rays reveal a change in the condition or position of the prostheses

While each of these will determine if a hip replacement revision is needed, the decision will be made mutually between you and Dr. Goyal. He will advise you based on his experience, and the two of you will discuss until you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Reasons for implant failure

While hip implant failure may be caused simply because the prosthetic components have reached the end of their life span, failure may also be due to complications or a subpar product from another surgeon. It is important to remember that a hip implant is not a natural part of the body, which can result in noticeable physiological changes following hip replacement surgery.

Reasons for implant failure include:

  • Loosening. Due to a number of factors, the femoral stem component can become susceptible to loosening within the femur. This can cause instability, deformity or pain. In some cases, the bone may become weakened as a result of the loosening, causing a fracture and threatening the success of revision surgery.
  • Infection. Because the hip implant is foreign to the body’s chemical composition, it can sometimes become a breeding ground for bacteria. While the risk of infection is very low, it is still a relatively common reason for patients to undergo hip replacement revision surgery.
  • Dislocation. Because the hip is a ball and socket joint, it is prone to dislocation. While the current percentage of dislocation following hip replacement is less than 10%, it is enough to contribute significantly to the number of hip replacement revision cases.
  • Patient-related factors. As each patient lives life with a different level of activity, the rate of hip replacement revision varies from patient to patient. In younger, more active patients, the hip implant lives a shorter life due to wear and tear. Other patient-related factors play a role—more obese patients tend to put more strain on the implant. Additionally, patients with previous incidence of inflammatory arthritis and other orthopaedic diseases may be at a higher risk for conditions that require hip replacement revision surgery.

Hip replacement revision procedure

Because the reasons for hip replacement revision are different from one patient to the next, the procedure itself is not consistent. Its purpose is the total correction of any defect in the implant. This generally requires that the original implant be removed and replaced with a new implant that is better suited to the patient. Upon your initial consultation, Dr. Goyal will completely review your case, performing any examination necessary to grasp exactly what will be needed. You will have a full understanding of what will happen before you go into surgery. Take a minute to learn more about a total hip replacement

As a caring specialist in complex joint replacement, Dr. Goyal strives to deliver unparalleled outcomes for his patients, earning his reputation as providing among the best results in hip replacement Washington DC and Northern Virginia have available. With over a decade of experience dedicated solely to hip and knee replacement, his relentless dedication to quality is unmatched. Please call us today to find out more about his exceptional hip replacement revision techniques.

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